Security Awareness and Skills Training

Optimize the Security Skills of Your Staff

Security Awareness and Skills Training involve establishing and implementing programs to educate and train personnel on cybersecurity best practices, recognizing and avoiding security threats, and promoting a security-conscious culture within the organization.

Technology Focus

Training / Awareness Education Plans:

Implementing structured plans and programs for training and awareness campaigns to educate employees on cybersecurity policies, procedures, and best practices.

BroadBITS Solutions:

Customized Training and Awareness Programs:

BroadBITS can design and deliver tailored training and awareness programs that address the specific needs and challenges of the organization.


Interactive Learning Platforms:

Utilizing interactive learning platforms to engage employees in cybersecurity training, making the learning experience more effective and memorable.


Regularly Updated Training Content:

Providing up-to-date training materials that reflect the latest cybersecurity threats and best practices to keep employees informed about evolving risks.


Phishing Simulation Exercises:

Conducting simulated phishing exercises to test and reinforce employees’ ability to identify and respond to phishing attempts.


Monitoring and Reporting Tools:

Implementing tools to monitor employee participation in training programs and generating reports to assess the overall effectiveness of the security awareness initiatives.


By leveraging BroadBITS’ solutions, organizations can effectively implement Security Awareness and Skills Training controls, fostering a security-conscious culture and empowering employees to contribute to the organization’s cybersecurity resilience in accordance with CIS v8 guidelines.