Network Monitoring and Defense

Disable Unnecessary Ports and Services

Network Monitoring and Defense focuses on continuously monitoring network activities, detecting potential security incidents, and responding to threats in real-time. This control aims to enhance the organization’s ability to defend against network-based attacks and unauthorized

Technology Focus

Network Firewall / Access Control System:

Utilizing firewalls and access control systems to monitor and control the flow of network traffic.


System Configuration Enforcement System:

Implementing systems to enforce and monitor secure configurations on systems to reduce vulnerabilities.


Network Packet Capture System:

Employing systems to capture and analyze network packets for monitoring and forensic purposes.


Network-Based Intrusion Detection System (NIDS):

Deploying systems to detect and respond to suspicious or malicious activities on the network.


Network-Based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS):

Utilizing systems to proactively prevent and block potential network-based attacks.


Network Device Management System:

Employing systems for centralized management and secure configuration of network devices to ensure compliance with security policies.

BroadBITS Solutions:

Optimized Network Firewall and Access Control System:

BroadBITS can assist in optimizing and configuring network firewalls and access control systems for effective monitoring and control of network traffic.


Enhanced System Configuration Enforcement:

Providing solutions for enhancing the enforcement and monitoring of secure configurations on systems to reduce vulnerabilities.


Implementation of Network Packet Capture Systems:

Assisting in deploying network packet capture systems for comprehensive monitoring and forensic analysis of network activities.


Deployment of Network-Based Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS):

Offering expertise in deploying NIDS for real-time detection and response to suspicious activities on the network.


Implementation of Network-Based Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS):

Providing solutions for deploying IPS to proactively prevent and block potential network-based attacks.


Network Device Management System Integration:

BroadBITS can assist in integrating advanced network device management systems for centralized control and secure configuration management.


By leveraging BroadBITS’ solutions, organizations can effectively implement Network Monitoring and Defense controls using the specified technologies, enhancing their ability to detect, prevent, and respond to network-based threats in accordance with CIS v8 guidelines.