Network Infrastructure Management

Secure Your Network Devices

Network Infrastructure Management involves implementing measures to manage and secure the organization’s network infrastructure. This control aims to ensure the resilience and security of network components, reducing vulnerabilities and potential points of exploitation.

Technology Focus

Vulnerability Management System:

Utilizing systems for vulnerability management, assessment, and remediation.


Host-Based Firewall:

Implementing firewalls at the host level to control and monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic.


Application-Aware Firewall:

Deploying firewalls that are aware of and can control specific applications’ network access, enhancing granular control over network communication.


Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS):

Employing systems to detect and respond to unauthorized wireless network access and potential intrusions.


Network Device Management System:

Utilizing systems for centralized management and secure configuration of network devices to ensure compliance with security policies.


System Configuration Enforcement System:

Implementing systems to enforce and monitor secure configurations on network devices, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities.

BroadBITS Solutions:

Integration of Vulnerability Management Systems:

BroadBITS can assist in implementing vulnerability management systems to identify, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure.


Deployment of Host-Based Firewalls:

Providing expertise in deploying host-based firewalls to control and monitor network traffic at the individual device level.


Implementation of Application-Aware Firewalls:

Assisting in deploying firewalls with application-aware capabilities to control and secure specific application communications.


Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) Setup:

Offering solutions for deploying WIDS to detect and respond to unauthorized wireless network access and potential intrusions.


Network Device Management System Implementation:

BroadBITS can assist in implementing advanced network device management systems for centralized control and secure configuration management.


Enforcement of System Configuration on Network Devices:

Providing solutions for enforcing and monitoring secure configurations on network devices to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance overall network security.


By leveraging BroadBITS’ solutions, organizations can effectively implement Network Infrastructure Management controls using the specified technologies, ensuring a resilient and secure network infrastructure in accordance with CIS v8 guidelines.