Incident Response Management

Have a Plan for Dealing with Incidents

Incident Response Management involves establishing and maintaining processes and plans to effectively respond to and recover from security incidents. This control aims to minimize the impact of incidents, restore normal operations, and improve the organization’s resilience against future incidents.

Technology Focus

Incident Management Plans:

Developing comprehensive plans that outline the organization’s approach to identifying, responding to, mitigating, and recovering from security incidents.

BroadBITS Solutions:

Customized Incident Response Plans:

BroadBITS can assist in developing customized incident response plans tailored to the organization’s specific needs, ensuring a structured and effective response to security incidents.


Incident Simulation and Training:

Conducting simulated incident response exercises and training sessions to prepare the incident response team for real-world scenarios.


Incident Response Coordination Tools:

Providing tools and frameworks for coordinating and managing incident response activities, ensuring a cohesive and organized approach.


Post-Incident Analysis:

Conducting thorough post-incident analysis to identify lessons learned, improve incident response plans, and enhance overall incident management capabilities.


By leveraging BroadBITS’ solutions, organizations can effectively implement Incident Response Management controls using the specified technologies, ensuring a robust and well-prepared approach to handling security incidents in accordance with CIS v8 guidelines.