Outside assaults and insider threats are unavoidable, but data leaks, data loss, and data theft may all be avoided. A content and context-aware DLP system may analyse and regulate file transfers containing sensitive information such as personal data or intellectual property, manage which USB storage devices can be used and which cannot, and guarantee that encryption is implemented. All of these activities should take place at the endpoint level, the most dangerous point of attack, to ensure the best potential outcome.

BroadBITS’ Server-Client architecture delivers cross-platform DLP without interfering with users’ regular tasks. Administrators may access the Server via a user-friendly web interface, while the Client has the smallest feasible footprint, providing the best user experience for the end user.


-Stopping data loss and proactively identifying high-risk people are two ways to reduce the danger of insider threats.

-Quickly build simple security safeguards to fulfil auditor’s and executive’s compliance and regulatory needs.

-Without fear of data theft, use cloud services like Microsoft® Office 365TM and Box.

-Recognize sensitive information in photos, such as scanned data and screen shots.

-Unify your security solutions, align your defense strategies, share intelligence among your security personnel, and enjoy unified data security administration.

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