In today’s continuously evolving threat landscape, effective protection is a must, as does having a fast, reliable network. You can’t afford to compromise between complete security and network performance, and you won’t have to with our solutions.


A data center firewall is a software or hardware device that filters out external threats by monitoring and filtering traffic entering and exiting an organization’s network — or, as network perimeters fragment, a portion of that network, down to the workload level.


A next-generation firewall is a high-performance network security device that extends the standard firewall’s capabilities to include intrusion prevention, application and user visibility, SSL inspection, and unknown threat identification. The NGFW appliance protects the campus’s edge and internal segments by combining high performance with security intelligence to:

-For hundreds of separate apps, enforce security policies with granular control and visibility of people and devices.

-Identify and block threats with strong intrusion prevention that looks at the actual content of your network traffic rather than just the port and protocol.

-Use industry-mandated cyphers to do a high-performance SSL inspection.

-Use our cloud-based sandbox service to detect hazardous unknown code ahead of time.

-Actionable application and risk dashboards and reports provide you with real-time views into network activities.

-Using purpose-built appliances with bespoke ASICs, deliver greater multi-function performance.

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