Organizations are facing new security problems as they migrate from on-premises systems to cloud environments, thanks to the growing role of cloud in business processes, innovation, and digital transformation. Developers who built the applications and have the most significant access are the new target. An attacker can steal credentials and get access to the entire cloud environment if just one developer clicks on a malicious link or publicly discloses too much information.

Internal and external Pen Tests would be used in a comprehensive Cloud Pen Test. An internal pen test connects to the Cloud’s servers and hosts, launching a vulnerability scan using the authenticated credentials. The Pen Tests simulate what a hacker could do once inside the perimeter. Security in the cloud necessitates a well-thought-out strategy as well as constant monitoring and surveillance. Here are the Services for Cloud Application Penetration Testing:

  • Saas Pen test
  • IaaS and Paas Pen test
  • Internal Pen test
  • External Pen test

We provide security solutions for Multi Cloud systems.

  • Data Protection
  • User Access Management
  • Cloud Visibility and Discrepancy Detections
  • On-Premise Solutions
  • Cloud based Solutions

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