Account Management

Monitor and Control Your Accounts

Account Management involves the establishment and maintenance of processes for managing and controlling user accounts, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the organization’s resources. This control is essential for preventing unauthorized access and maintaining the integrity of user accounts.

Technology Focus

Identity & Access Management System:

Utilizing systems to manage and control user identities and their access to various resources within the organization.


Multi-Factor Authentication System:

Implementing multi-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to the authentication process.


Log Management System / SIEM:

Deploying a system for centralized log management and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to detect and respond to security incidents related to account activities.


Asset Inventory System:

Employing a system to maintain an inventory of all assets, including user accounts, to ensure comprehensive account management.


Network Level Authentication (NLA):

Implementing NLA to enhance security by ensuring that only authenticated and authorized devices can access the network.

BroadBITS Solutions:

Integration of Identity & Access Management System:

BroadBITS can assist in implementing and integrating advanced identity and access management systems for efficient control and management of user accounts.


Deployment of Multi-Factor Authentication:

Providing expertise in deploying multi-factor authentication systems to enhance the security of user account access.


Implementation of Log Management and SIEM:

Assisting in deploying a robust log management system and SIEM to monitor and respond to security incidents related to account activities.


Asset Inventory System Integration:

Offering solutions for integrating asset inventory systems to maintain a comprehensive inventory of user accounts and associated assets.


Network Level Authentication (NLA) Setup:

Providing solutions for implementing NLA to enhance network security by ensuring only authenticated and authorized devices can access resources.


By leveraging BroadBITS’ solutions, organizations can effectively implement Account Management controls using the specified technologies, ensuring secure and well-managed user accounts in accordance with CIS v8 guidelines. This contributes to an enhanced cybersecurity posture for the organization.