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Organizational controls in cybersecurity are vital for protecting sensitive data and thwarting cyber threats. These controls, including policies and technologies, regulate access, monitor activities, and ensure compliance. By establishing a robust framework for risk management and incident response, organizations can fortify defenses and maintain a resilient cybersecurity posture.


Foundational controls are the cornerstone of cybersecurity, encompassing essential measures such as access controls, encryption, and regular security updates. They form the basis for a robust defense against cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of critical information.


Basic controls in cybersecurity are fundamental defenses, encompassing elements like password policies, user authentication, and device encryption. These measures provide essential protection against common cyber threats, contributing to the overall resilience of an organization’s security infrastructure.


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As a result of unanticipated gateways to risks, vulnerabilities, assaults, and failures created by digital transformation and hyper-convergence, a cyber security strategy quickly becomes critical for any organization. A cyber security strategy can assist your company decrease risks, financial losses, and reputational harm. BroadBITS is a Cyber Security Company founded by a group of ambitious technologists which uses the best practices, advanced technology, and expertise to assist you in defending against these threats, protecting your business-critical apps and data, and assisting in the recovery following a data breach or other disruption. BroadBITS was developed and formed to identify and cure the pain points of clients in the field of Cyber Security, driven by a desire to provide exceptional solutions fast and efficiently.

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You can ensure data and application resiliency across the company with BROADBITS.


In a secure environment, safeguard important company data and applications. With a comprehensive portfolio of onsite, offshore, and hybrid cloud-based data protection solutions, you can ensure data and application resiliency across the company.

Our comprehensive security and operational risks for heterogeneous infrastructures are mitigated with our integrated approach, which also supports evolving compliance and audit requirements. We manage and handle a variety of risks and systems to deliver efficient security solutions for businesses.


BroadBITS is dedicated to inventing and co-creating with a diverse partner ecosystem in order to provide revolutionary security solutions for our customers’ specific requirements. As we design, construct, operate, and upgrade our clients’ crucial systems, we can progress mission-critical technology systems thanks to our partnerships and community of partners across technology stacks.


We have a large partner network that helps us to secure our customers’ infrastructure and assets, lowering risks. We work hard to bring you the top security technology vendors so that you can get a solution that works for you.

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